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Who we represent is very important to us at Robyn Smith Dressage. We take time to really get to know our sponsors and their products as we only endorse brands we truly believe in, and we understand the importance of giving back to our sponsors as well. If you would like to discuss me becoming a brand ambassador for your company please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your needs.


I have used NAF products for longer than I can remember. All of my horses thrive on their products from feeding supplements to grooming and First Aid. From my top string to my youngsters starting out NAF is a key part  of their development and support.

All of my horses are fuelled by Fibre. Dengie provide quality assured, reliable and nutritious feeding for all of my horses. They have been the base of my horses diets for over a decade and I am very grateful for thier continued support to my whole string. Regardless of age, stage or need Dengie keeps my horses looking and feeling top class.

Sandie has been part of my team for years! Having seen me through European Championship highs, crushing lows, university life and everything in between we are now working together to launch myself into the equestrian world. Thank you Sandie 

The newest addition to our wonderful supporters I am delighted to be part of team WeatherBeeta.This wonderful company needs little introduction, their rugs and horsewear is not only of excellent quality and durability but is also created with knowledge and experience which is obvious in the little details. My particular favourite are the comfitec rugs which are specifically designed to relieve pressure across the withers and prevent the mane from being rubbed! 

I am so incredibly lucky to have Andrea as part of my team. Having worked with my horses and myself for over 8 years she keeps my them feeling at their absolute best at all times. Andrea has an incredible attention to detail and knowledge of her craft, thank you for always giving your absolute all to each and every horse you treat. 

I have worked with Robyn Dunn for over 5 years, the horses and I all benefit hugely from her treatments working with the aim of optimising movements to prevent injuries and maximise performance at all times. Thank you Robyn. 

With a history in elite athletics before she started eventing, Lauren has a great perspective on rider fitness and tolerates all of my wacky ideas for how to take my fitness to the next level. Always willing to look outside the box and never one to give up on a challenge, Lauren is a key part in helping me achieve my goals. Thanks Lauren.

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